Buying and selling Orange County homes can be a complicated process. There are several moving parts that must be carried out exactly to spec or else there will be hiccups along the way. Even one misstep – no matter how seemingly small it seems – can altogether stop, or significantly slow down, the closing process.

Below are some common issues when dealing with the buying and selling of Orange County homes. In order to avoid impacting your closing process, keep them in mind.

Survey Questions

It is not uncommon for Orange County buyers to request a survey to be done prior to closing. And while the survey process does not seem like it would be rife with complications, it can create some issues.

For example, if the results of the survey show that the property lines are not where the sellers believe them to be, it could mean that elements of the property are instead on the neighbor’s land. As a result, this situation will have to first be resolved before the sale can be complete.


Late Bills

In the chaos of getting an Orange County home sold, it can be easy to overlook paying your bills. After all, forgetting to send in a check for the water bill can’t be that big of a deal, right?

Wrong. Orange County sellers who forget to pay their bills can quickly discover the painful consequences in the closing process.

The title company needs a clean lien certificate on the Orange County property. Bills that are past due means that this info is not clean.

In order to avoid bringing your Orange County closing process to a screeching halt, make sure to stay organized and up to date on all your bills.  


Property Damage

In the days leading up to the closing table, Orange County buyers will perform one last walk-through of the home. This is important because if any new – or at least unexpected – damage is found, the buyer can simply walk away from the sale.

Therefore, Orange County sellers need to remain vigilant until the closing process is completed. This becomes even more true if you have already moved out of the house.

So, before you mentally check out of the maintenance, make sure you have a plan in place to keep the home in shape. It can also be a good idea to ensure that your homeowner’s insurance covers the home until the closing process if finished.


Premature Splurges

In anticipation of the new home, buyers have been known to go on a spending spree in the days leading up to the closing. Unfortunately, this can bring bad news to sellers.

If buyers make big-ticket purchases before the paperwork is done, it can actually prevent them from being approved for their loan. Depending on the size of the purchases and the overall financial situation of the buyers, underwriters could flat out deny the loan.

While there is not much that Orange County sellers can do to prevent this, the biggest piece of advice is to just be prepared. Remember that nothing is over until it is over. Especially when it comes to selling an Orange County house.

Orange County buyers and sellers typically want to work together to close quickly. But during this process, emotions can run high as buyers and sellers try to reach the place where everything is finalized. To help keep the closing process moving along smoothly, Orange County sellers will want to make sure you stay on top of your responsibilities throughout the process.


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